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Horizon is a collection of furniture designed for Chinese brand 'Object A', launched at the exhibition ''To be alone 独处'' at West Bund Museum in Shanghai.
‘Object A’ is inspired by the experience of solitude: strolling in a quiet landscape, isolated from the bustle of the city, grass under your feet, a horizon stretches to infinity. We have translated this experience in furniture products, creating an intimate warm living space, a landscape of remembrance.
Horizon is upholstered with a textile woven from long Angora mohair, with an exceptionally soft and lustrous deep pile (Kvadrat Argo). As well as bringing an irresistible tactile element to a decorative scheme, the long, glossy mohair fibers catch the light, emphasizing the richly textured landscape, offering a high impact finish for the home.
Angora Mohair
Room screen: 168 x 168 cm
Day bed: 195 x 140 x 29 cm