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Platform8 is a group of 12 students from the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art, London. It is an international group representing a range of cultural backgrounds which contributes to a diverse design approach. The students look for alternatives to design as we know it, questioning the role it can play in society. If there is one common thread linking all the students in Platform8, it is an aversion to homogeneity and a celebration of diversity.
'Car Boot Sale' is a democratic market place and micro-economy; a veritable institution in Britain today. A commercial melting-pot, it is a place where people from all backgrounds gather together, polystyrene cups of coffee in hand, to bargain for an eclectic collection of objects. When set in the midst of a city such as London, it acts as a welcome counterbalance to the hectic and impersonal sprawl of the increasingly homogenised high-street experience. Platform8 have appropriated the informal structure of a Car Boot Sale, creating an ideal scenario where they are able to individually present their wares within a collective framework.
The exhibition consists of six cars based on different exisiting models recreated in cardboard on one-to-one scale. Within, around, and on top of these cars, Platform8 present their work.