Mazha 马扎
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We have made a collaboration with Triple-Major and Suzuki Shop, two neighbouring design retailers on YangMeiZhu XieJie, in Dashilar, Beijing. The installation "Mazha" is spread over both exciting retail locations in the historic district of Dashilar.
In Suzuki shop we used both inside space and their beautiful courtyard to present the special edition Mazha X Suzuki Shop (inspired by the Japanese knot bag), and the history of Mazha. While we made a display of hanging and standing Mazha inside Suzuki Shop, we created a bunting with cards presenting a more then 2002 years of Mazha in China mixed with colourful flags in the courtyard.
At Triple-Major we created a workshop room filled with images of the over 40 Mazha we have made over the past year, made a display with a "making of" Mazha, we presented the special Mazha X Triple-Major inspired by traditional Chinese Medicine and we held 2 workshops where people were able to paint and weave their own Mazha.
Suzuki Shop
YangMeiZhu XieJie