Duotone Cabinet
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The Duotone cabinet is a surprising wall mounted piece that can be hung in two ways. As a development of the Shelter project Duotone cabinet takes a new direction by using a hand dyed textile. By displaying the cabinet in one way a closed face with purple gradient is visible, while hanging it the other way around the woven textile opens up as the unthreaded section falls down bringing the bright purple threads pointing towards the other end of the cabinet.
The Duotone cabinet makes original use of the fabrics provided by renowned Scottish textile manufacturer Bute Fabrics. Each textile piece has been analyzed after which a new design has been developed in response to the structure of the weave and type of yarn. In reaction to the machine woven structures Henny has been unthreading the fabrics by hand in order to create new geometrical designs within the fabric. By doing this the tightly woven, opaque textile become translucent and the relation between the different threads that make up the fabrics becomes clear.
Wool, Plywood
25 x 65 x 17 cm
Commission from:
Gallery for a day curated by Nina Mrsnik,
Ljubljana Slo