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When a piece of fabric is going through the process of lamination, it is expected to be flat, smooth and creaseless. But what happens when the fabric is all crumbled up? ‘Creased’ highlights the constructive and expressive quality of fabric by introducing what we normally wouldn’t want to see/feel in fabrics, a combination of random creases and wrinkles. An industrial process has been altered into a hands-on approach: a flat sheet of resin-filled fabric is creased by hand into a table (or any form one could make out of a piece of cloth). The shape of the object is defined by the interaction between the material and the maker (Henny), where a constant negotiation between his control over the material and the nature of the material itself presses on until the final product is achieved.
The process of ’Cloth’ allows the creation of a variety of furniture pieces, be it a table, a chair, a shelf…, and each piece would be unique.
Resin, Kelvar, glass fibre
200 x 118 x 74 cm
Studio HVN
'Creased' shown at the group exhibition 'Changing Dimensions' during the London Design Festival 2008, was featured on