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Meet Yúnyún (芸芸)! A vase design inspired by traditional Chinese cloud motifs. These motifs represent luck in traditional culture and normally exists in two dimensional drawings. We kept thinking how this could translate in to a three dimensional product. Ideally a product that could function well as a gift. As a way to gift a close friend good luck!
Yúnyún comes from the idea that a cloud represents good luck, but also that a cloud is composed of water. Water which originated from the sea and then blows over land to release its content and feed green life. In a way we see this cloud do the same. The cloud is a container for water in which the flower can bloom. The color inspiration comes from the sunset glow in the evening. The time where the sunlight begins to set under the clouds and light them up from below. Creating a magnificent glow to two-toned landscape of clouds.
Yúnyún is named with the character 芸. This character is composed of two parts; the upper is written Cǎo, representing grass. The lower part is written Yún, which means cloud. Together it makes the flower that grows from the cloud.
- 20 x 14 x 12.5cm
- Yang Hao Photography Studio