The inspiration for the mug comes from the ancient Chinese geographical thought of a Round sky, and square earth. We translated this idea to a pared down design for a mug with a round form when seen from above, and rectangular when seen from the side.
A vase design inspired by traditional Chinese cloud motifs. These motifs represent luck in traditional culture. We translated these in to a three dimensional product. A product as a way to gift a close friend good luck!
The concept of San D comes from the Chinese description for Three Dimensional. Where “San" means three, referring to the seemingly three layers of carpet overlapping each other.
Hanfu daybed is inspired by the traditional Asian garment. These garments are known for the simplicity of their rectangular patterns and how these create a characteristic profile when worn.
The Landian collection is inspired by the use of the color blue in Chinese culture. It refers to both Indigo that gave color to fabrics for centuries as well cobalt know from the iconic blue and white pottery.
Hanfu room screen was inspired by Asian traditional dress Hanfu. The overall shape of the screen is drawn from the “Yimei” - the curved part of the cuff and sleeve of the traditional Hanfu, and transformed this element into wooden screens.
“Eclipse” rug design was inspired by solar and lunar eclipse. The design creates an eclipse of two rugs seemingly overlapping each other made in three different shapes and colors. Together the collection represents the gradual happening of one full eclipse.
Designed for furniture brand Noord, Hanfu introduces a surprising collection of furniture with a distinctive silhouette referencing this historical style of garment in a contemporary way.
Uniform is a collection of door numbers created from an identical length of material for each number. Rather then thinking of a specific style to develop a typeface this collection originated from the idea that each element has the same amount of material.
Mazha, a classic chinese stool, has been taken as base to create an ongoing joyful exploration of patterns and colours combining traditional furniture with contemporary design.
Extract is a collection interior products consisting of a room screen, daybed and blanket. The collection of interior products is composed of specially selected fabrics, meticulously unthreaded in to new geometrical patterns. The machine woven structures are unthreaded by hand in order to create new geometrical designs within the fabric.
‘Revolver’ is a display and storage system based on a intelligible reversible shelf design. The cantilever system works by simply hooking one shelf above the other into the frame, resulting in a display that can be changed by the turn of a hand.
This two-panel space divider is the latest edition to the “Shelter” collection. A collection of space dividers composed of fabrics, meticulously unthreaded in to new geometrical patterns. Inspired by a journey to China where the beautiful architectural features appearing in many Ming/Qing imperial palaces and gardens have been of influence in the use of color and shape.
A collection of space dividers composed of fabrics, meticulously unthreaded in to new geometrical patterns. Inspired by a journey to China. These space-dividing screens reflect the geometrical shapes and colors that can be found in the historic buildings in Beijing, Hangzhou and Suzhou.
Fabricate, a new self-assembly textile pendant light, consists of a wire frame dressed in a tight-fitting special 3D woven fabric that cleverly adapts Jacquard type weaving to new applications.
An extraordinary chandelier composed of light reflecting discs that conventionally used in photography. A sphere is formed by twelve of these ‘sculpted’ discs, creating a chandelier nothing less than spectacular.
'Il Cappello della Luce' is a collaboration between Henny and one of the finest hat makers in Italy, Barbisio. Inspired by the film-noir style comics namely Frank Millers's Sin City, Henny worked closely with this artisan company to produce a fur felt hat that takes a play on the traditional trilby.
Used magazines get a new life in Issue 09/re-edit. It all started from an invitation to rejuvenate their old issues by Graphic Magazine. Henny perforated holes of different sized and shapes through a series of outdated fashion magazines cover to cover, leaving unique and unexpected results on each of their glossy pages.