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Flashmob is an extraordinary chandelier composed of light reflecting discs that conventionally used in photography.
Seeing the light reflecting disc as a visually appealing object. The attraction developed to further exploring the collapsible attribute of the disc to form three-dimensional shapes. “These discs are framed by a ring wire working like a spring mechanism and I have created different shapes by bonding the fabric at specific points to the spring steel ring”. The transformation between a flat disc and a compact one provides a series of dynamic three-dimensional configurations. A sphere is formed by twelve of these ‘sculpted’ discs, creating a chandelier nothing less than spectacular.
The Flashmob is produced to order and is available in 100cm and 140cm diameter. We are proud also having produced Flashmobs on commission by the British Fashion Council for London Fashion Week at Somerset House.
Made to order
Commission from:
London Fashion Week / Blonstein & Associates