MG Space
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MG Space, located in Beijing 798 Art Zone, is a cultural art space where it merges history, arts, and humanities.
Bauhaus and European townhouses inspired this design concept. Geometric and straightforward lines that represent the Bauhaus architectural aesthetics are imposed on to the original structure. The new spatial arrangement present a series of unique spaces with sensitivity to order and proportion, and arts and space. Thereby creating a sense of spatial beauty through balance and harmony that similar can be found in town houses.
This project has two floors; while incorporating the history of Bauhaus, we envision it to provide the best space and environment for exhibiting contemporary art pieces on the first floor and accomplish a welcoming and warm atmosphere on the second floor.
The colors of the fa├žade design of MG Space are extracted from the Chinese traditional arts. One of the most influential and essential Chinese conventional arts, the Dunhuang Murals, has a solid and expressive color usage. Over time and through changes of dynasties, the merges of different cultures and traditions cause the color usage during the late period of the creation of Dunhuang Murals to become much more neutral, gentle, and elegant.
798 Art District, Beijing
Photo credits:
Yang Hao Photography Studio