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Produced by Henny van Nistelrooy, 'Variability' is a group exhibition that brings together a diverse range of work from 12 emerging designers, displaying contrasting and sometimes conflicting approaches. The work on display ranges from furniture, to textiles, ceramics and the conceptual reflecting the diversity in contemporary design practice. Specially created for this year’s London Design Festival as part of the Brompton Design District, Variability showcases new work that aims to provide insight into how personal contexts and circumstances influence the design process and the variety of creative output.
Alongside his role as the producer for the exhibition, Henny van Nistelrooy also presents 'Fabricate', a new series of light shades made of processes that challenge uniformity with the circumstantial. Parallel to Henny van Nistelrooy, 'Variability' also showcases new works by Bas Kools, David Weatherhead, Inca Starzinsky, Julia (Valerio Di Lucente, Erwan Lhuissier and Hugo Timm), Jochem Faudet & Yemi Awosile, Liliana Ovalle, Simon Donald, Thomas Wagner, Vahakn Matossian, Victoria Willmotte and Willem van Landeghem & Jozephine Duker.
Variation in design has existed since the emergence of modern design at the turn of the 20th century. What is new in our contemporary secular society is that there is no longer a dominant style or approach. Now everything is happening all at once, making it impossible to classify one style or approach as better than another. This show highlights how different approaches and choices happily co-exist, often referencing each other.
The exhibition features diverse design approaches, from simple design referencing the intricate to the rational juxtaposed with the accidental. Variability addresses how objects are created and experienced, both on a functional and emotional level. Each proposal is the result of the designers’ individual explorations in the design process and choice.
Henny van Nistelrooy
Henny van Nistelrooy and Liliana Ovalle
Exhibition design:
Jochem Faudet and Julia
Nuno Coelho.
Supported by:
South Kensington Estates
Icon Design Trail