Nurturing Cafe  培蕴咖啡
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The Nurturing Cafe is a temporary organic café we designed especially created for The Nurturing House exhibition. The menu, carefully formed using quality organic and seasonal produce sourced from local farmers, considers how we can dine sustainably within an urban context.
The dishes created for the Nurturing Cafe are a blend of East and West; vegetables that are locally grown by local farms and are seasonal, while cooking these the Western way using an oven. The dishes on the menu are a cast iron skillet potato dish, a vegetarian baked clay pot rice with sweet potatoes and herb onion topping, and the traditional Dutch Poffertjes with cinnamon apple compote.
The café interior is developed with the idea that the food is central and waste is minimal. Ingredients are partly grown on site in a grid suspended form the ceiling. The furniture, also fusing East and West, is based on the traditional Chinese folding stool Mazha updated to a modern dining context and is supplemented with foldable tables. The ceramics and tableware are specific selected for The Nurturing Cafe. All handmade pieces, which glaze, shape and colour emphasize the beauty of organic growth. All products will be available for re-sale after ending of the café.
The Nurturing Café is a collaboration between Sue Zhou Does Food, Studio Henny van Nistelrooy and Ubi Gallery supplied by a number of Beijing organic farms.
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