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'Airmail' is an exhibition with new objects dealing with the idea of weight, or rather the absence of it, in design.
Lightness has been often used to measure progress in society (e.g. aircrafts or architectural structures.), and its relation with mobility is as old as mankind. A relation that recently is leading to mobile devices where the convergence of functions suggest that we could, one day, have function without matter.
Probably as a reaction to that, there is being an increase in the production of heavily crafted objects and the revival of pattern and decoration.
Between this progress-based idea of doing more with less, and the heavily handcrafted pieces 'Airmail' finds its place.
'Airmail' features experiments, interpretations, and developments on the idea of lightness in its broader meaning.
Can an object be designed by weight? Does the fact of removing the brand of and object makes it culturally lighter? What If the same object was to be sold on two different weights, which one would you choose? Can an object perform the same with less material? Can we really do more with less?
The proposals will show a rather unusual combination of approaches and processes with projects ranging from jewellery to lighting and a varied use of production techniques, from printed textiles or ceramics, to sand casting and electroplating.
Co-curated and co-produced by Henny van Nistelrooy, orignally commissioned by Goodd gallery/shop in Glasgow, 'Airmail' featured a group of young designers and cutting edge proposals, within a commercial setting. Later 'Airmail' was showcased during the London Design Festival 2009 at Idea Generation.
Idea Generation Gallery